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               Stages of Oyster Growth  

Nursery to Market

Here at Dooncastle  our oyster seed in the nursery is nourished by waters once fit for the High

Kings & Queens of Ireland.

As our oysters grow in the waters waves that lick and lap the ancient ruins of Dooncastle, the ebb and flow of this bay weaves something mystical through these precious jewels of the ocean , let the secrets of the sea unfold on your palate as you savour this delicacy allow yourself to transcend in time,

Background of Dooncastle Oysters


I began as an assistant to oyster farmers, learning how to maintain and care for stock. In each farm I worked in I was taught something new and from this I developed my own technique. I decided rather than mass producing I would bring quality to the market, through this my oysters aquired their unique flavour. Once you've tasted Dooncastle oysters, I think you will agree.


John Ward.

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