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 Discovering Oysters

"Eating an oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips" Leon-Paul Fargue (1876-1947)

Oysters have been consumed  for thousands of years, a way of life for many coastal families and for some a tantalising delicacy. Today oysters are not only considered a delicacy but a very rich source in nutrients consisting of vitamins ,minerals & protein. In an age surrounded by processed food its a sheer delight to have a food so uncomplicated yet so full of nourishment!

The best way to eat an oyster is on its own, savour it , experience the magnificent party on your tastebuds!!!

You will then and then only taste the true essence of an oyster.....


Food For The Mind, Body & Soul!
What are you waiting for? Feed your inner glow and let yourself shine.....


"To be honest the first time I had to try John's oysters I was a bit apprehensive, with my wife being Irish & having tried lots of their oysters before, I always found them too mineral & salty, that was until I tried one of John's oysters. I didn't want it to end the flavour was immense and if I close my eyes now I can still taste it and remember the perfect balance of richness, iron & mineral that kept giving. I don't use oysters that often at Alimentum but when I do I will always use Dooncastle Oysters from this day. Thank you John for introducing me to them and your endless enthusiasm and passion in what you do". Regards, Mark Poynton, Chef/Patron- Restaurant Alimentum.

Famous chefs Nathan Outlaw & Jp McMahon visit Dooncastle Oyster Farm.

So proud to have world famous chefs Nathan Outlaw & Jp McMahon visit Dooncastle Oysters! See the Video below.


JP McMahon

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